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Case Management

Proteus 3 is our flagship software and the product of over a decade of continuous development and use "in the field". The system was designed by a Solicitor for use in professional services companies - created by professionals for professionals. 

The system is 100% cloud-based secured on our replicated servers and accessed through a secure https site to maintain high levels of security and robustness. With a PC/laptop and an internet connection only - you are ready to work fully, whether on your PC/laptop or one in the hotel lobby when on holiday. A true cloud-based system with no niggling downloads to perform before you can use it. Just log on and work.


Proteus 3 is not just a case management system; it is an office management system. In that respect it also manages the following:

     a) CRM, leads management (including mass mailing to your clients and third parties through newsletters), etc

     b) staff absences, appraisals, and file reviews

     c) invoicing, staff billing targets and accounting form authorisations 


     d) suppliers management and third party experts list management

     e) office management including a repository for internal documents and office manuals

     f) COLP/COFA matter flagging system, Money Laundering internal reporting and risk management of undertakings etc 



See a map of our entire system here.


Contact us for a demo and a no-obligation quote now. 

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