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When choosing technology and solutions for your small business, there is a lot to consider. For small businesses, it is always the value for money, element of time, and preferred are the systems that are well designed and easy to use to ensure the members of staff, clients and everyone involved, adapt and incorporate the new system with ease.

At Penn Tech, we have been using and can 100% recommend Circleloop and their next-generation phone system for business. These are built around users, not hardware.

You can start your no-obligation trial right away, it is that simple. Just click HERE.

If you need more convincing, keep reading.

They enable each user to have control over their own calls and they can do it from anywhere, in-app.

More so:

● Set up personalised greetings & menus

● Powerful desktop & mobile apps

● Control call forwarding

● Instantly swap your dial-out number

● Manage your availability

● Block nuisance callers

● Get voicemails converted to text

● Manage contacts

● Use SMS

Key Features:


● Capsule CRM

● Hubspot

● Intercom

● Pipedrive

● Slack

● Zoho

Clear & simple pricing and efficient help desk is why we like Circleloop so much.

If you are looking, please check them out and try yourself. Explore more and start your free trial HERE.

Circleloop enables businesses to communicate better

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Maria Jogi

The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute professional advice and you should take full and comprehensive legal, accountancy or financial advice as appropriate on your individual circumstances by a fully qualified Solicitor, Accountant or Financial Advisor/Mortgage Broker before you embark on any course of action.


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