Case Management System | Proteus 3

Proteus 3 is our flagship software and the product of over a decade of continuous development and use "in the field".

The system is designed by a Solicitor for use in professional services companies.

Created by professionals for professionals.

​Proteus 3 is 100% cloud-based secured on our replicated servers and accessed through a secure https-site to maintain high levels of security and robustness. With a PC/laptop and an internet connection only - you are ready to work with full capability and access, whether on your PC/laptop or one in the hotel lobby when on holiday. A true cloud-based system with no niggling downloads to perform before you can use it. Just log on and work.

Office Management System

Really, Proteus 3 is not just a case management system - it is an office management system. In that respect it also manages the following:

  • CRM leads management (including mass mailing to your clients and third parties through newsletters);

  • Human Resources functions as managing absences, appraisals, and file reviews of your members of staff;

  • day to day tasks and working week organising;

  • client invoicing, staff billing targets and accounting form authorisations;

  • suppliers management and third party experts list management

  • office management including a repository for internal documents and office manuals

  • COLP/COFA matter flagging system,

  • Money Laundering internal reporting and risk management of undertakings

...and much more.

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