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Welcome to Penn Group of Companies

Penn Group of Companies, established in 2007, is a unique “one-stop” for all the professional services that you may require, without trading itself.

"Selling" peace of mind while providing highly specialist advice and bespoke services in fields that are regulated by different regulatory bodies to a great extent, while finding ways to solve our client's current and future problems.

We work hard to ensure all the products and services that we provide to you and all of our clients are of the highest standards. A holistic approach to each situation and we give you the same advice we would give to our family. Our advanced technology ensures that we remain at the forefront of IT developments thereby delivering the outcomes you seek, on time every time.

Penn Group is the home for...

A boutique law firm - Penn Chambers

An accountancy practice - Penn Accounts

Mortgage brokers and protections advisors - Penn Financial

IT & tech company - Penn Tech

Business & People solutions - Penn Services

Networking and Marketing - Hexagon Legal Network (HLN)

Each company within Penn Group is a limited company, a separate business entity and regulated by a different regulatory body; full details of which can be found here.

The robust disaster management and business continuity planning ensure that the entire Group is resilient and future-proof. Since the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced very little interruption to the way we provide services and smoothly adapted to the uncertainties and 'new normal'.

We use online Proteus 3, which is our flagship case management and back-office system designed to efficiently manage workflow and increase efficiency. All our clients have access to all the important details of their matters at all times, enabling efficient communications and transparency.

Welcome to Penn Group and to the future of professional services.

The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute professional advice and you should take full and comprehensive legal, accountancy or financial advice as appropriate on your individual circumstances by a fully qualified Solicitor, Accountant or Financial Advisor/Mortgage Broker before you embark on any course of action. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss any of the above, and/or if you have any questions.

Shak Inayat | 073 76 76 73 44

Penn Group of Companies | 0333 34 44 34 8


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