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One of our most valuable assets are often overlooked.

We spend a great deal of time and money advertising our workplace contact number(s). Yet, if the unexpected happened, and the phones went down or you could not access your office for days - what would you do?

The sad fact is that circa 80% of businesses that have had a serious adverse event such as a fire in their company, go out of business within a year.

Your telephone number is your lifeline to existing clients and new business. 

We supply iNumbers local to where you work. In simple terms, they work just like say an 0845 number but instead are prefixed by the local STD code. So if you worked in London for example you would have a fully portable 0207 number. Then, however, if your business was adversely affected,  you could port that number elsewhere for example your home phone or mobile in a matter of minutes, unbeknown to your clients who would continue to receive a seamless service from your company.

We also supply fax2email and mail2fax numbers. 

For years fax use has fallen into decline. However, there has been a recent resurgence for a whole host of reasons.

A fax2email iNumber gives you a local presence fax number and the fax is received in your mail inbox like an email PDF which you can then view safely and securely, with the same portability as the iNumbers mentioned above.

A mail2fax service allows you to send a fax through your email account. You simply type in the destination fax number in the address box as if you were sending an email and the system converts your Word or PDF or similar document into a fax and it is received by the recipient fax machine in the usual way - all without you leaving your desk.

iNumbers, fax2email and mail2fax numbers are very cost-effective and cost far less than you may imagine.

Contact us now for more details and a no-obligation quote.

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